Hawaii, Kailua Sheffield House a Vacation Rental near Kailua Beach Obama rented a vacation home in Kailua in 2008. Now dubbed the Kailua White House..

Obama Landmarks

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Looking for  President Obama Landmarks from his years in Hawaii?


August 4, 1961 Obama is born at Kapiolani Medical Center to University of Hawaii students: mother, Stanley Ann Dunham and father, Barack H. Obama from Kenya.

1960-1962 625 11th Ave.  Father’s residence.  Structure no longer exists.  A larger dwelling was built on this site in 1990.

6085 Kalanianaole Highway is the home of his maternal grandparents Stan and Madelyn Dunham.  It is a yellow single story home between Aina Haina and Hawaii Kai. This is the address on the birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser printed on August 13th. These listings were sent to the paper routinely by the Department of Health.

1962-1963 1427 Alexander  Apt. 110    is the apartment of Obama’s grandparents for one year and sometimes Obama and his mother.

1963  2277 Kamehameha is Obama’s mother’s address as a college sophomore.  Barack H. Obama Senior leaves to attend Harvard University. In 1964, Stanley Ann Obama files for divorce from Obama Senior.

1964-1967 2234 University Avenue. Obama lived at this address with mother and his grandparents Stan and Madelyn Dunham.  The house remains in a neighborhood that has not changed much since the 60’s. It is walking distance to Noelani Elementary School where Obama attended.

1967-1971   Obama lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham marries an Indonesian man, Lolo Soetoro in 1967.

1971-1979    Obama lived at 1617 S. Beretania Apt. 1206, the home of his maternal grandparents Stan and Madelyn Dunham, from age 10 until he left Hawaii at age 18.  During this time he attended Punahou School.   1974-1976 1839 Poki   is the address where Obama’s mother and little sister and sometimes Obama lived in the mid 1970’s

And yes, President Obama and his family have chosen to vacation on Kailua Beach two times in 2008. Once in a house about a quarter mile down the beach and later down on the canal on the ocean end across from Pinkys' restaurant. Even if you disagree with all of his politics you have to appreciate his choice of a vacation spot.

Some Information on this page from Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper Sunday, November 9, 2008






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