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Hawaii Sheffield House 131 Kuulei Rd Kailua HI 96734

If you would like to make a reservation please phone at 808/262-0721

E-mail. rachel@hawaiisheffieldhouse.com

Unlike many other Bed & Breakfasts, Sheffield House welcomes children in the two two-bedroom/two-bathroom accommodations. {Owner comment: We are not taking infants or children under the age of three in the Garden Suite or Ginger Studio at this time. These units are not sound proof, yet. The little ones do cry especially after a long flight.

- Frommer's

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For those who've never been to Oahu or who've only ever stayed in the stale, touristy picture postcard that is modern day Waikiki, a stay at the Sheffield House affords the experience of living as a local in paradise. Situated on my favorite side of the island, the Sheffield House is nestled in a lush, quiet nook off the main road. The friendly family leaves you in peace and the feeling is instantly more like you're old neighbors than guests. Walk to the beach or drive your rental car. Gas, groceries, shops, and dining is a short drive up the road into the main section of Kailua town. The idyllic real estate of Lanikai, oft voted the most beautiful beach in all of Hawaii, beckons and it but a five minute drive away. Residential Hawaii, at its best. This is the experience you've been dreaming of. Leave Waikiki for the unadventurous and ignorant hordes while you enjoy the pleasures and lifestyle of the locals. Aloha!

A Visitor from San Francisco

The sheffield house is so much like my hawaii dream home, i'm tempted to put in an "unresistible" offer for it. but, alas, it's only a temporary place to relax between stressful occasions. the Sheffields are the most pleasant folks who are attentive, but allow you to "chill out" at your own pace. more people who go elsewhere are missing out on "paradise, almost lost" in kailua, oahu, hawaii.

07/: February 2004 Thoroughly enjoyed staying. Easy walk to the beach or shops. This is an excellent place if you do not like being troubled by the main tourist hang-outs. Lovely family, great beach, no trouble. Perth Australia.

We loved your restaurant suggestions: Baci for scallops Neri. Haliewa Joes for Prime Rib and Assagios for the Seafood Combination Plate. Switzerland.

Completely enjoyed are stay at the Sheffield House. Very close to the best beach on Oahu! We just loved the Green Market!

An excellent place to unplug from the daily grind. Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

Our little boy loved the lizards in the garden area. He was thoroughly entertained by geckos, anoles and chamaeleons!! Virginia Beach

 We love Kailua. We used to come to Hawaii and stay in Waikiki. We decided that we did not want to spend our vacation circling round and round in parking garages looking for a parking space or standing in a lobby waiting for an elevator. At Sheffield House you arrive park and go in. Former Visitors to Waikiki

"The photos do not do it justice." from Tennesee. (How can a photo capture the feel of tropical air, trade winds, or the sound of the doves?)

Thank you for helping us with a child swim float. It worked perfectly. Also, this is the best equipped kitchenette unit of any place we have stayed.Very well thought out. From Germany.

The Suite garden area was great for having dinner with my godson and his new fiance. From California

We knew Waikiki was not for us. I love the open air feel and the sound of the doves. The website helped us plan a Windward Oahu mini vacation. We hiked to the pill boxes, ran in the beach park and enjoyed Kailua restaurants. It was a needed break from the snow and ice. From Alaska

Thanks for the restaurant info, we loved Baci for our anniversary. From Bay Area

We want to take your cocker spaniel home with us. Every day she came for a visit, and brought happiness with her. From California


Our boys loved your place. Our 8 year old did not want to leave. He cried when we told him that it was time to leave for the airport. From England


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