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Airlines are charging more and more for baggage.  

Links are provided that may lighten your suitcases by allowing your souvenirs to be sent straight to your home.

Looking for a good price on Hawaii or beach souvenirs:

Hawaiiana Books :

Children’s Books :

A is for Aloha

Goodnight Gecko


Under the Red Blood Sun

Hawaiian History:

Gavan Dawes’ history

Lililuokalani’s autobiography

Missionary biographies

Race Relations in Hawaii? with the Rape in Paradise  which is about the  Massey Trial  in the 1930’s

Pacific Images by Eleanor Nordyke about voyaging with Captain Cook

The Epic tale of Hi’iakaikapoliopele translated by Nogelmeier   This book is like a Hawaiian Iliad or Odyssey

Historic Fiction:

Of course the classic Michener’s Hawaii

For the botanist:  Gardens of Hawaii by Marie Neal

Ocean Photography check out: clarklittlephotography.com

Architecture: Under the Hula Moon

Hawaiian Dictionary:

Handy Hawaiian Dictionary  by Judd, Pukui and Stokes

Hawaiian Jewelry:  Amazon has an awesome collection too many to list.

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