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Top 21: Life Lessons learned at Kailua Beach.

1.    Learn to laugh: Like a little kid when you catch a wave with a boogie board or body surfing

2.    Learn to respect the power of the ocean: Know your limits

3.    Learn to observe: Watch the sequence, order and power of the waves.

4.    Learn to keep your world in perspective: Swim out past the waves and look back at the land.

5.    Learn boundaries: Walk on the edge of the water

6.    Learn community and aloha: Nod to passer-bys, hug your friends.

7.    Learn respect apply respect: Don’t kick up sand on others on a windy day.

8.    Learn the transience of life: Build a sand castle and watch the tides take it away or make a pattern in the sand with your toes.

9.    Learn forgiveness and grace:  There are a 100 little irritations that come with travel.  Be like a water bird.  Let the “slings and arrows of misfortune” slide right off your back. Apply grace instead of irritation to delays. 

10.  Learn thankfulness: Enjoy that perfect day Stop and smell the plumeria along the way to the beach.  There are so many good things that happen don’t let the challenges derail your day.

11. Learn that life and successes are gifts: Each tiny shell, piece of driftwood, or glass buoy.

12. Learn to soar above it all: Watch the frigate birds (iwa birds) catch the air thermals and seemingly effortlessly fly upward without even moving their wings seemingly defying laws of gravity

13. Learn tenacity from the beach plants: blown by salt spray they hang on.

14. Learn flexibility: Watch the coconut trees sway in the wind and not break

15. Learn agelessness: Watch for a 70-year-old turtle (honu) as he pops his head up for air, looks around and then goes below.  

16. Learn to breathe deep: Take it all in and then breathe out the stress part of life.

17. Learn the delight of seeing into another world: Snorkel and view the reef fish.

18.  Value the small things: Pick up a handful of coral sand and tiny shells and let it flow through your fingers.

19.  Learn to respect the natural laws: Don’t forget your sunscreen.

20. Learn to take care of your beach (malama the aina): Leave the beach looking nicer than you found it.

21. Learn to live life fully: Come home tired and hungry from playing hard. 


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