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Now that you are here, "What's there to do?"

Bishop Museum see a giant whale skeleton or other cool Pacific and Hawaiian artifacts. Usually has a rotating science exhibit as well . http://www.bishop museum.org 847-3511 Fee

Arizona Memorial : 422-0561 The movie, the museum, the boat ride to the memorial. All very moving and worth your time. nps.gov/usar/Extendweb1.html Plan for a 2 hour wait between the time you sign in and the time you get in to see the movie. The gift shop is excellent for history books and souvenirs of WWII. If you are around elderly local people almost all of them have a Pearl Harbor attack story. I was in a restaurant once and an older gentleman told me his story of feeding cows on the Sunday morning as he watched the Japanese planes fly over the Koolaus. The Arizona Memorial is open from 7:30 - 5:00

Hawaii Missionary Houses tour to learn how the missionaries lived in the mid 1800’s. The printing press is a replica, however, it is very interesting to see a mechanical printing press.

Iolani palace 364 S. King St. (Fee) built by the Hawaiian monarchy to imitate the English monarchy . A lesson in how to bankrupt a nation. The monarchy at that point was very well traveled, cultured and educated. The desire to keep up appearances like the English monarchy caused them to have the kanaka maole (the every day Hawaiian guy) harvest all of the sandal wood to pay for their lifestyle. Eventually, the story goes, the Hawaiians would go to the mountains to harvest the wood and pull up the baby sandal wood seedlings so that their children would not have to harvest sandal wood every day.

Ring the bell for peace at the Valley of the Temples Buddhist Temple. Enjoy the koi pond and the peacocks. fee

Hula Show at the Aloha Waikiki Hawaiian hula show by Tihati at DFS Galleria.

Ulupo Heiau behind the Kailua YMCA. A heiau is a raised rock platform for religious or sacred events for ancient Hawaiians. Ulupo was an agricultural heiau. One old gentleman recalled that when they would blow the conch shell to signal that an event was being held that you could hear it for miles around. Walk around to the back and look up at the pile of rocks. Walk on the top and you can see that it overlooked Kawainui fish pond and taro fields.

Hawaii Plantation Village and Museum old time community (Fee)

Kawaiihao Church is built of coral blocks. It is by the Mission Houses on King Street for a Hawaiian language church service. The cemetary is full of names found in the history books while a modern pre-school operates on the adjacent lot.

Tour China town for a look at the noodle factories, herb shops and fun shops hosted by the Chinese Cultural Center phone number for reservation:

Artistic Adventures:
Contemporary Museum on the third Thursday of every month for a free admission
Pottery making at raku Kualoa Park

Honolulu Academy of Arts 1035 Kinau St. (Fee) art, Movie theater and gift shop. Bring your cameral this is a place to photograph . There is something about the lighting in the courtyards of this facility which is exceptional.

Sand castles for the family competition or watch as the University of Manoa’s School of Architecture hold their sand castle building contest. Should this be in the ocean adventures or in the artistic adventures?

Adventures For the book lover :
Library book sale every summer the statewide library system has a book sale at McKinley High School. Also the Kailua and Kaneohe Library has a used book sale two or three times a week of donated books. Most books cost $1 or $2 each.

Every other year University of Hawaii holds a Children’s Literature festival and brings in authors and illustrators of Children’s literature. It could be possible to hear your child’s favorite book read by its author.

Adventure for an old clock lover: Visit the Liliuokalani Church up on the N. Shore in Haliewa. There is a very old clock with many functions. They do a platelunch fundraiser every year with local musicians. Great Event.

History Fun Facts:

Hawaii is the western most state in the U.S.

Hawaii is also the southernmost state in theU.S.

Who discovered Hawaii? It is a question that is still debated. From the West , Captain Cook is the common answer. However,

New evidence that a Spaniard named Gaetano recorded the discovery of these islands in 1542. The islands are recorded on various maps and globes as the Groupe del la Mesa and Los Monges, Los Mejos, La Defgraciada, La Vexina. Spanish galleons regularly traveled between Manilla and Acapulco. Most maps show an accurate latitude but show the islands east of where they actually are. Longitude was a puzzle before a navigational clock was used. All many years before Captain Cook arrived in 1778. More information is in Michael A. Lilly's article in: www.staradvertiser.com/s?action=login&f=y&id=168731226&id=168731226

Actually incredibly various groups of brave and intrepid Polynesians arrived in some form of outrigger canoes even before the Spanish. Perhaps as early as 500AD.






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